Registering your School with the OGP

Below you will find the  screen shots of how to navigate into the www.OGP.GOV.IE webpages to view and use the contracts currently in place and available to schools.

Firstly you need to register your school as a buyer to gain full access.

  • Click on the website OGP.GOV.IE
  • Click on BUYER ZONE which will bring you to the registration page
  • Click on REGISTER NOW  and complete the information requested
  • As soon as you register you will receive a bounce back as your email will not be recognised as a ‘Government’ email address, this is normal. Reply again stating that you are a school, quote your school roll number and that you would like to register as a buyer. 
  • You will receive a password prompt which will be unique to your school. Please keep it safe and only to be used by authorised personnel in the school.
  • Once you have been sent login and password details you can proceed back to the BUYER ZONE
  • Click into BUYER ZONE to be brought to the Find Frameworks and Contracts page
  • On the top bar click on SCHOOLS
  • You are now in the section which lists the frameworks under USEFUL LINKS currently available to schools
  • Clicking into any of these frameworks and you are brought into the detail behind the title 
  • The details of all the contracts available to schools under Education Sector can be viewed. Do spend a bit of time looking at the detail of the framework you are interested in as there is quite a lot of detail on pricing, registering with a supplier, how the frameworks work etc.
  • At the bottom of this page are USEFUL DOCUMENTS where you will find SCHEDULE OF FRAMEWORKS AND CONTRACTS
  • This is a snapshot from the OGP as to what contracts and frameworks , not currently available that are planned for over the coming months

Once you have access to the  www.OGP.GOV.IE webpages you can also access the frameworks and contracts via our website at