Procurement Newsletter


Issue Thirteen  (Quarter 1, 2020)

  • Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and Public Procurement
  • Details of Central Database for offering surplus supplies of PPE etc.
  • Revised Procurement Thresholds for Schools from January 1st 2020
  • SEAI – Monitoring and Reporting on energy usage
  • Schools and Sustainable Procurement in a Circular Economy
  • Sustainable Procurement Tips for Schools
  • School Payment Solutions for Primary and Post-Primary Schools
  • New frameworks available from the OGP
  • Electricity Supply for Schools – update
  • Top Tips for using eTenders

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Issue Twelve  (Quarter 2, 2019)

  • Sustainable Procurement and Schools
  • SEAI - Energy in Education – Summer Updates
  • Catering Consumable and Compostable Products
  • Electricity Supply – Getting Best Value for Money
  • New Arrangements for PC’s and Laptops
  • School Payments Solutions – The experience of schools, in their own words
  • Framework for Disposal of Hazardous Waste
  • Framework for Supply of Laboratory Gases and Accessories
  • Important Notice Regarding Stationery and Office Supplies
  • Framework for provision of Bottled Water Coolers, Water Bottles, Point of Use Coolers and Associated Services
  • Framework for External Workplace Investigations Services
  • Latest Testimonials - What our Clients say about us

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Issue Eleven  (January/March 2019)

  • SEAI - Energy in Education – Updates
  • Energy Contracting / Lighting as a Service
  • Electricity Bundle for Schools
  • Sourcing Apple Devices
  • Server Hardware Drawdown
  • School Payments Solutions
  • Supporting non-cash payments in schools
  • Framework for Building Supplies
  • in the Dublin Area
  • Catering Consumable and Disposable
  • Products
  • Framework for H&S Training,
  • Consultancy and Advisory Services
  • Engaging early with the procurement process
  • Coming Soon
  • Latest testimonials

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