Procurement Contracts & Frameworks for Schools

It is Government policy that public bodies, where possible, should make use of all central frameworks by the public bodies under their remit. The benefits arising from these frameworks include cash savings; administrative savings from reduced duplication of tendering; greater purchasing expertise; improved consistency; enhanced service levels and legal certainty.

The frameworks below are fully accessible to view in detail, only by registering your school as a “Buyer” at the OGP Buyerzone website.

Note: If you want to know how to register your school as a buyer please, click here.



Facilities Management, Maintenance

ICT and Office Equipment

ICT Telecoms

Laboratory, Diagnostics and Equipment (EPS)

Managed Services

Marketing, Print and Stationery

Professional Services

Travel and HR Services

Utilities / Fuels

Note: In the case of certain frameworks, although the contract is valid until a certain date, the closing date for inclusion in the contract might be some time beforehand. For further details, please check the individual contracts.


School Management Bodies