Schoolbooks Scheme

All enquiries regarding the Junior Cycle Schoolbooks Scheme should be emailed to

Webinar: Introduction to JC Schoolbooks Procurement Guidance

The new Junior Cycle Schoolbooks Scheme, introduced for the 2024/25 school year, will remove the cost from families of funding schoolbooks, including eBooks, and core classroom resources for all Junior Cycle students in post-primary schools in the Free Education Scheme. A full description of what is to be provided by schools to students is provided here.

A specific guide was designed to assist post-primary school leaders of Voluntary, Community and Comprehensive schools with the process of procuring School Books:

To determine the total estimate of your School Books (excluding classroom resources), you can use the “School Book List” tab contained within the Post-primary School Quotation Template:

To procure a supplier for the provision of School Books, the steps below must be followed:

  1. When the contract value is below €50,000, the school can obtain three quotations using the Post-primary School Quotation Template:
    1. Post-primary School Quotation Template (last updated on 16/04/2024), to use when seeking a minimum of three quotations from suppliers to fulfill your school’s requirements.
  2. When the contract value is above €50,000, a tender process is required. To publish a tender, the school will need to:
    1. Have an eTenders account:
      • If you have previously used eTenders’ old platform, but not the new one, please check the first-time login guide to the new platform here.
      • If you are unsure your school has an eTenders account, you can email with your school’s details and they will assist you in retrieving your login credentials or setting up a new school’s account.
    2. Amend the templates below according to the school’s needs:
    3. Publish a Call For Tender (CFT) on eTenders. Guidance is available below:



Information on the OGP’s Multi-Supplier Framework Agreement for the Supply of Stationery and Office Supplies can be found in the following user guide:

All enquiries regarding the Junior Cycle Schoolbooks Scheme should be emailed to